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Case study of TRICK PRINT®

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PR event for the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen Fukui and Tsuruga in spring 2024
Fukui Prefectural Children's Science Museum Fukui
We wanted the children who came to the venue to have fun learning and remembering, so we put up quiz-style display panels. The panels were chosen because they were interactive and would attract more interest from the visitors.
Sasu-gassu!quiz contest
Osaka Gas Hug Museum Osaka
It was used for a quiz panel in collaboration with the book "Strange Animals That Somehow Survived" and the Osaka Gas Hug Museum. It's a quiz to guess the animals that live in each area, but what were the hints? Looking at the illustrations alone, it looks like it would be very difficult.
Ao-Buta Heroine Rescue Mission
JR Akihabara Station Tokyo
As a means of recreating a situation in which a person is actually there but not visible at the moment, such as the "invisibility phenomenon," one of the phenomena depicted in this story, it was used as a trick to make the actual situation appear when the silhouette is photographed with a flash. This is one of the ways to recreate the situation where you can't see them but they are there. It is similar to the image of ghost photography, where a person appears even though they are not there.
Flash Print Keyword Rally
Happiring Mall Fukui
FLASH PRINT was used for posters to be displayed as a trick for the keyword rally lottery for the Halloween project. Six posters displayed in the facility were photographed with a flash, and words were created by combining the letters that appeared on the posters.
Hirameki★Riddle and Flash Rally
Niigata Prefectural Museum of Natural Science Niigata
FLASH PRINT was used by the Niigata Science Museum for their special GW quiz rally. The project was initially planned as a stamp rally for families, but the reason behind the use of FLASH PRINT was to provide non-contact experience contents that can be completed only by visitors' smartphones as an anti-coronavirus measure.
Send your love with d-points for Valentine's Day!
Izutsuya Kokura Fukuoka
A collaboration project between NTT docomo and Izutsuya, the "Sending Love with d-points" SNS campaign, adopted the theme of photos that make people want to share them to spread the word on SNS. Gorgeous! It seems to have been well received!
Shiseido Anessa Ladies Open
Totsuka Country Club Kanagawa
SOLAR PRINT, which emits color when exposed to ultraviolet rays, reproduces the design of spots and freckles on the skin caused by ultraviolet rays.The product was adopted as a promotional item that allows people to experience the effects of UV protection through simulating the use of UV-cut cream.
The Treasures of Mitsubishi Collection:The Mitsubishi 150th Anniversary Exhibition
 Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum Tokyo
Among the 12 national treasures on display, including Yohen Tenmoku and Keshi, and the exceptional collection backed by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Iwasaki family and their sense of social contribution, we had a photo spot set up on the third floor on the way to the exhibition. If you take a picture with a flash, the Yohen Tenmoku, one of only three complete pieces in the world, will appear.
FLASH PRINT transformation poster
Shinjuku Promenade Tokyo
To coincide with the start of the screening of the movie "Dragon Ball Super Broly", d-anime store's station advertisements were displayed on the Shinjuku Promenade, with the theme that each character transforms when photographed in order to spread the word on SNS. Dragon Ball comedians visited the site and posted on SNS, creating a buzz.
ROAD-PONEGLYPHS Collection Campaign
In 20 stations nationwide, including JR, Metro, and Toei Subway stations
One of the fan-pleasing features of the work is that if you collect four serial codes from the ancient character Lord Poneiglyph in the work (from flash posters placed in 20 stations, Weekly Shonen Jump, Internet advertisements, TV anime commercials, and Twitter), you can download the new drawing. This was adopted as one of the tricks that the fans could enjoy. It's fun to look for the posters as if you were on a treasure hunt!
Halloween Photo Spot
Granduo Kamata Tokyo
Adopted as a photo spot for the Halloween decorations at Grandio Kamata. It goes well with the Halloween-style surprise pranks! We went to the site to observe, and visitors of all ages enjoyed taking pictures!
Suzuki Exhibit Booth, Motorcycle Show 2019
Tokyo Big Sight, Intex Osaka Tokyo,Osaka
This is a case study of the Suzuki "KATANA" booth at the Motorcycle Show 2019, where it was used as a staging device. The word "ZAN" appears in a cool way when you take a flash photo, as if you were slicing through it with a sharp sword!
Hide-and-seek game of great men
Electricity Museum Aichi
We wanted the children who came to the venue to have fun learning and remembering, so we put up quiz-style display panels. The panels were chosen because they were interactive and would attract more interest from the visitors.
JR Nobeyama Station Nagano
It was adopted as one of the many interactive contents in the waiting room of JR Nobeyama Station, which was developed as a model station for Eco-Steering. When you take a flash photo, a constellation of stars is projected on the ceiling. If you are enjoying the contents in the waiting room, you might miss your train! 
Dinosaur Photo raly
Ski jam Katsuyama Fukui
The egg design was adopted as a photo rally, where flash photography of the egg design would reveal a realistic dinosaur. They say that the rally using flash prints is easier for the management to manage because it doesn't require a stamp stand or paper!
Osamu Tezuka Exhibition
Angoulême Museum France
This is an example of a panel that was used as an explanatory panel for a special exhibition of Osamu Tezuka's masterpiece "Astro Boy" at the Angoulême International Cartoon Festival in France. This panel was designed to allow visitors to see the internal structure of Astro Boy by holding a black light over it. Visitors must have been very curious to see the inside of Atom's body, which they are not usually able to see.
comcom Fukushima
As an "educational and cultural facility where you can learn while having fun," there is a dinosaur corner where you can experience fossil excavation. By taking a flash photo of a fossil, the image of a dinosaur comes to life. As an anti-coronavirus measure, one of the reasons for adopting this system was that it can be completed using only the visitor's smartphone, providing a non-contact type of experience.
It was displayed as an event POP for GO SKATEBOARDING DAY 2021, a closed event at dojo skateboard park in TOKYO SPORT PLAY GROUND. Skaters skating in the skateboard park saw the artist's graphic change depending on the direction they were skating, and it seemed to be enjoyed by all.
Black light rally
Aeon Mall Tsukuba Ibaraki
Black Friday Circumference Event. This event was planned as a measure against coronavirus so that people would not gather in one place and become dense. It is also planned in honor of the "black" in Black Friday.