technical information

Technical information and handling of FLASH PRINT

Technical Overview

The flash allows you to take pictures of designs that are different from what you see

It is a printing technology that is invisible under normal conditions, but when exposed to strong light, such as a camera flash, the light is returned in full color and emits light. The special technology of the retroreflective sheet allows the light to be returned to the same position where it was exposed to a flash or other light source, enabling color reproduction.

About the raw materials

The retroreflective sheet is a special glass bead type sheet that returns light at the same angle as the angle of the incoming light. The incident light is refracted as it passes through the surface of the glass bead, reflected by the reflector on the back side, and then refracted again as it passes through the surface and returns to the light source. Specially adjust multiple layers to make invisible images emit from underneath the white layer, black layer, color layer, etc.

※During flash photography

Cautions for handling

Note 1: About recursive reflection

Printing technology using a special media that collects and reflects light. Normally, when light is reflected on a rough surface, it is reflected diffusely (Fig. 1), while on a glass or metal surface, it is reflected on the opposite side of the incident angle (Fig. 2). In recurrent reflection, the glass beads contained in the media reflect light in the direction of incidence, no matter how distorted the curved surface (Fig. 3).

flash print
flash print
flash print

How to check the flash print

To check the flash print, hold the light to your eye line so that the light returns to your eye position, making it easier to check. (Fig. 1) Also, to check on a smartphone screen, it is easier to check by keeping the light on and focusing on the print. (Figure 2.)

flash print

Luminous flux: 1600lm white handy light is used (Figure 1)

flash print
(Figure 2.)

Note 2: Precautions for use

flash print

It will be reflected back in the same direction as the angle of incidence of light. It is not visible when the light is not irradiated or from an angle different from that of the irradiated light.

flash print

Irradiation light is always present in a general bright environment. If your eye line is on the same line as the irradiated light, you will see the hidden reflected light. This is an unavoidable phenomenon due to technical characteristics.

Note 3: About the finished shape

The normal look of the design is finished with the vertical lines thinned out.

※Form them with vertical stripes (alternating color, black, color, black...)

flash print


Note 4: About the characteristics of the paper

The reflective media used in the FLASH PRINT is made using a special glass bead to equalize the reflective brightness within the standard value, but there may be a slight error depending on the location. In addition, unlike normal printed matter, it affects the surrounding environment and light, and a slight brightness difference will occur now. Therefore, please be aware that there may be a difference in brightness at the joints when piecing together one or two widths.

Note 5: The reflection brightness of the flash depends on the smartphone model.

The reflective brightness of the flash of the smartphone differs from model to model, so depending on some models (such as Sony Xperia), the reflective effect of the flash print may fade.

※Xperia series, the reflection effect may be better when the white balance is set to "fluorescent" in the settings.