Change the angle of view and you'll see a completely different design.


  • Large-format inkjet printing
bellows print

What is Bellows Print?

This is a special printing technology that allows you to switch to a completely different design by changing the viewing angle (left, right, top, bottom).This technology can be completed without the need for lenticular lenses, making it easy to create large format products with excellent installation workability. When viewed from a certain angle, the two different designs are switched.

Types of triggers to change the design of BELLOWS PRINT.

View from left and right

View from top and bottom

look in the mirror

look in the mirror

*extra (special) edition

Technology Overview

This is an optical illusion technology in which two different designs are printed on the slope of the uneven surface, and only one design is visible depending on the viewing angle.

About raw materials

The raw material is general CMYKW UV curable ink. Data conversion is required by the patented "Manufacturing Method of Variable View Angle Printed Matter" program.


TRICK PRINT®  Online Data Conversion(Future Plans)

About the finished shape

Unevenness is formed by multi-layer printing function such as 4/5 layers. The use of flexible inks allows the product to be rolled up for transport.

Lenticular printing

Structure and appearance

The surface has regular unevenness. 

Lenticular printing

How it appears from the left / How it appears from the front (the left and right patterns appear to be mixed) / How it appears from the right)

Lenticular printing

Oblique frontal view / magnified view

Visibility pattern

By looking at it from a certain angle, the two types of patterns are switched.

Lenticular printing

About angles

The angle at which you can almost see only one design is about 38°, and after 38°, the design overlaps with the other design, making a 5:5 ratio at the center.*There will be an error depending on the color and design.

Lenticular printing

Floor mats

The floor will be a dedicated media. Anti-slip laminate coat finish.Gloss type only.

Lenticular printing
Lenticular printing

An example of trick art on a floor mat, where the design changes depending on the direction of view.

About weather resistance

The weather resistance of the ink used will be about 3 years.